The Underground Sistine Chapel

At 118 Block Fork, near Doom in Origin City(6W,301S,)


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  • Sign: Sistine Chapel
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  • Richtext: 234D is a digital artist who lives and works in Paris. He uses the technique of photogrammetry to create his digital sculptures Inspired by the urban environment and the works of ancient art, he captures elements of everyday life in its most raw aspects, and produces ultra realistic 3D models. He worked for more than ten years in the management of waste and wastewater, and explored the most inaccessible places of the Parisian subsoil, in particular the sewers, where he has been confronted with the rejection of the consumption of our postmodern civilization. He discovered the world of Crypto-art and NFTs through his encounter with PBOY, of which he created the 3D model and the virtual visit in VR of the fresco "Contemplations of the Red Jester" in September 2020, then that of the "Raft of the Medusa 2019 "in October 2020, and that of the" Sistine Chapel Underground "in December 2020. This meeting echoes the aspiration of emancipation and the desire to bring a message with environmental / societal consonances in the world of crypto-art.
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  • Richtext: Pascal Boyart is an artist based in Paris. Passionate about drawing since his yough, Pascal Boyart grew up in Paris near La Chapelle, the birthplace of European graffiti. So it’s natural, as a graffiti artist, that he began his journey by making a name in the midst of urban art. His figurative style and technical virtuosity quickly gained him the respect of his peers. Thus, for nearly fifteen years, he covered the walls of the capital with his ultra-realistic frescoes. From this urban background, Pascal Boyart retains an obvious fascination for monumental portraits. Today, he concentrates on the representation of the gaze and the exploration of his expressive potential. He pays tribute to the infinite complexity of the human face's relation to the soul, the latter being both the most essential but also the most hidden part of each individual. In the same way as his creative approach, which is as much an inheritance of urban culture as classical sensibility, his approach to painting combines new technologies with traditional painting techniques. He is notably the first mural painter to affix a Bitcoin QR code to his paintings for donations. He is also the first to have transformed his murals into digital collectibles, called "NFT".
  • Richtext: Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) established in December 2018 in Cryptovoxels' Origin City with a few Crypto Art Pioneers to become one of the most recognized institutions in this fast-growing space. MoCA's collection includes early NFT artworks and is enriched on regular basis. It represents the various themes and aesthetics of Cryptoart. MoCA also promotes and supports the Cryptoart community by making available several spaces in Cryptovoxels for cryptoartists
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  • Richtext: BenoiitC is a Paris based Crypto Artist, Crypto Enthusiast, founder of Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) in 2018 and an active and recognized member of the cryptoart community. He creates both physical artworks using various fiat repurpose techniques and digital artworks using fractal and glitch techniques.
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  • Richtext: This modern version of the Sistine Chapel was painted by the artist Pascal Boyart aka "Pboy". It was created in a former gold foundry (now managed by Studio La Fonderie) on the outskirts of Paris. After his mediatized mural of the "Liberty leading the yellow vests", Pboy chose an atypical place to create a monumental work of 100m2 with more than 400 characters painted. It is the result of 5 months of work during this special 2020 quarantine. With this work, Pboy stays true to his passion and vision: working on masterpieces from the history of art and adapting with a touch of modernity to anchor it in our time. Thought and created during the 2020 pandemic, this masterful project combines both artistic and technological innovations, that pave the way for new independent creations models through virtual reality and decentralized sponsorship. For 5 months, the artist painted the entire work on his own, mixing different techniques (acrylic and inks). The industrial architecture of the place, its lines, its environment, its transparent roof and its long corridor of 80m where once passed the armored vans of the precious metals company (CMP), inspired him to recreate this monument.
  • Richtext: Pboy's Sistine Chapel Uderground consists of three stages: • "The Last Judgment", (8x8m), central piece, which features more than 400 characters who can be found here under a transparent roof that allows day light to pass through. • "The Creation of Adam" (3x5m), is to its left. In Michelangelo's version it is initially located on the vault of the chapel among the episodes of the genesis. • “The Temptation” (3x5m), on the right, illustrates Adam and Eve driven from paradise. Pboy brought his influence by transforming and adding technological, environmental and sartorial elements of our time (smartphone, computer, nuclear power plant, underwear, electronic bracelet ...). Most of characters anatomy has been reworked, especially the bodies of women in a more contemporary style. Also, about twenty characters were stripped in reference to the original version of MichelAngelo before it was censored by Pope Paul IV reform.
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118 Block Fork
Origin City
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