Tardigrade Wars

At 8 Ome Garden, near Tokyo(170E,546N,)


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  • Richtext: #TARDIGRADES WARS AND THEIR ALLIES An exhibition by Cibele Vieira Lorimoto Gallery 1623 Hancock Street Ridgewood, Brooklyn, NY 11385 December 5-27, 2020 A series of monochromatic watercolor paintings that the artist Cibele Vieira started in 2018 and it is first inspired by children’s drawings and invokes nature, climate change and war in an apocalyptic and surreal future. Employing watercolor techniques commonly used to depict nature, gardens and beautiful landscapes, Vieira created war scenes in outer space and environment disasters. The watercolors range from 9x12 inches to 4x10 feet. The pigment used in the watercolor is made from the insect Cochineal, which lives on prickly pear cacti. The use of this pigment to depict these battle scenes contradicts the Tardigrade's toughness - Cochineals are tiny insects that are extremely sensitive to climate conditions that are farmed at the foot of the Chilean Andes where the temperature must be kept at a constant.  First used by the lost Aztec, it is now very popular for coloring sweets, jellies and even meats. . Cochineals are one of the species at risk of extinction in the wild due to climate change. Most of the paintings were made during this year’s pandemic while the artist lived in social distance and were made possible with the Grant For Individual Artists from the Queens Council on The Arts. . The exhibition was curated by Gaudêncio Fidelis and the virtual gallery was made in collaboration with the artist Lenara Verle.
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  • Richtext: #TARDIGRADES WARS AND THEIR ALLIES . #An exhibition by Cibele Vieira
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  • Richtext: Cibele Vieira (Brazil, 1973) work has been exhibited internationally, including at Petzel Gallery, Gallery Geranmayeh, Valentine, Front Room Gallery, Christopher Henry Gallery, and Soho Photo in NYC; at the Bienal de Fotografia de São Paulo, at Ateliê 397 Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil, and at Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Her work has been exhibited at and is in the collections of Ado Malagoli Museum (MARGS) and Rio Grande do Sul Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) in Porto Alegre, Brazil and the Kiyosato Museum in Hokuto, Japan. Cibele was awarded First Place, Vision Awards, by the Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts.  Her work has been featured in The Village Voice, Brooklyn Rail, Hyperallergic, Visura Magazine, L Magazine, Culture Front, Washington City Paper, O Globo, Correio Braziliense, Zero Hora and Private Magazine, and is in the catalogue celebrating the 20th Anniversary of MAC and in the 2006 Young Photographers Catalogue, Kiyosato Museum Japan.
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