Tomato's Gallery (312)

At 312 Proton Tower, near Proton(654E,296S,14U)




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  • Richtext: #The Grid An experiment with metallic fluids. 1440x2560 60fps mp4
  • Richtext: #Containment The walls had a wall of light falling from the ceiling. How could we navigate around inside the cage? We wanted to figure it out, and wondered what would be there. We built the sphere and tried to push it away, but the sphere broke and a glowing object fell from the sky and out into space. It turned out that a wormhole exists between the living plane and the wormhole and everything else. We could see through the wormhole, but was there anything outside of that? 2000x2000 60fps mp4
  • Richtext: #Crystal Nebula Atmospheric emission is fairly modest in size, with peaks up to 645 nkm (16 nm). On this scale, almost no emission is detectable from objects in much smaller diameters (eg. 1 to 10 cm). In the larger objects, a more vigorous, longer emission stream is detected (e.g. ∼600 nm). There is no similar emission stream for smaller objects. The estimated net amount of gases in a cloud may be underestimated by over-alphasising the measured emissions to a higher order of magnitude. However, it is expected that such an excess of gases in a cloud will be higher than near-zero results calculated from observations alone. 1500x1500 60fps mp4
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  • Richtext: #Containment (Stereo) Finally, the spheres reflected yellow objects in color. We drew these black and white-colored spheres with color and red with blue, then had it in a ball, and then did the shapes on the spheres, putting in the coloring color. When that was done, we actually looked at the shapes and with experience took pictures of how the shapes looked. It didn't really matter which color was used. At that point, it just became black and white. Stereoscopic cross-eye view. 4000x2000 60fps mp4
  • Richtext: #Precision clink... clink... clink... clink... clink... clink... 1600x1600 90fps mp4
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  • Richtext: #Welcome to my gallery. Please take a look around and click on the artwork to play the videos. I'm always adding my new pieces, so come back later to see more.

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312 Proton Tower
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