On the other side of the mirror – Protection of children and adolescents on the Internet


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Event Description

In the event On the other side of the mirror – Protection of children and adolescents on the Internet, we will debate about data protection, games and immersive media regarding the childrens and adolescents rights in digital environments and their impacts in the analog world. It will be an opportunity to debate the regulatory and socio-political responses to the challenges for the protection and promotion of the rights of children and adolescents in digital environments. Celina Bottino, project director at ITS, Isabella Henriques, executive director of Instituto Alana, Gilson Schwartz, professor at USP and president of the “Games for Change Latin America” network, moderated by Janaina Costa, senior researcher of Rights and Tecnologia from ITS, and Maria Mello, coordinator of the Child and Consumption program at Instituto Alana. This will be a special event to celebrate several other activities dedicated to the children's month. It closes the program of the Metaverse exhibition. All of the project's products will be available within the Museu.xyz space in the Metaverse CryptoVoxels

2 Certain Crescent
Starts at
Thursday the 21st of October @ 10:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Thursday the 21st of October @ 11:30 pm, 2021
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