International CryptoHamsters Day


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CryptoHamsters are composed of DNA with 18 genetic instructions, generated randomly. Create your team and be prepared! 🐹 🚀 The older released CryptoHamsters token will have privileges in the future, so take the opportunity. ### **SOCIAL NETWORKS** [Twitter]( • [Instagram]( Join the [Discord]( and live the community, especially if you already have a hamster. Be sure to visit the **[](** to stay up to date.

Event Description

We are launching the International CryptoHamsters Day. Today we make our new collection public, with a great party and many giveaways! Put it in your calendar, because this is the first holiday of many years to come! Create your team and be prepared!

13 Bull Avenue
Starts at
Wednesday the 1st of December @ 7:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Thursday the 2nd of December @ 3:00 am, 2021
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