1st VIBES Exhibition on Metaverse


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Event Description

Welcome to the 1st VIBES Exhibition on Metaverse. Vibes is a curatorial token on the Polygon Network, used to infuse works and demonstrate their value to some vibes curator. The infused amount represents a mining time, after which the Vibes injected can be claimed. An exhibition with only Vibes works has the characteristic of being double curated: both by the Vibes curators and by the curators of this exhibition, thus having a superior aesthetic value. Thanks to the curators: The Philosopher, Shed-Man, Brandon Bvalosek, Polyforms, Kwame, Binkiewinkie, Voidkross, Professor-Wrecks, Sweetabiding and Csaladenvargas, we can appreciate a wonderful contemporary art exhibition with more than 2,500,000 Vibes in 46 astonishing pieces of art on the walls. Many of these works are for sale, so you can click on them or on the artists' names to get more information about them. Click the videos to start them. Enjoy our exhibition. At the last day, we will have an auction built by Felirami and a party by DJ The Chef. You are invited. - The Philosopher, October 2nd, 2021.

11 Trapp Ave
Starts at
Saturday the 2nd of October @ 10:52 pm, 2021
Ends at
Sunday the 3rd of October @ 1:52 am, 2021
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