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For the next few weeks we'll be showcasing selected works from the artists that have contributed to the upcoming 'DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS' genesis blueprint collab by d'strict's ARTE META x The Guild available exclusively on Async Art. Pop by every few days to see a new display ahead of the 17th May release date. Current installation setup by Guild member, Pule the Dr

Event Description

Resurgence is a series of digital art portraits (including physical artwork) celebrating icons who have passed on and have been influential in their time. Most of the icons chosen are people who I grew up to and others acquired knowledge of as an adult. I usually discuss the subconscious mind, psychoanalysis, death and dreams in a surrealist fashion. I decided to create 9 NFT’S of these artworks paying homage to the icons. I discuss death in my work but in a celebratory form. The point of it all is to question if a person ever dies if he or she has met their purpose and influenced others, even after their time. An individual’s name will ring in our everyday lives because of influence. As an upcoming artist in the NFT space I decided to fuse my Fine Art techniques with my Digital to create some material I have not before. It is, too, my first solo exhibition of any kind. The exhibition has an NFT that comes with the physical artwork. With every NFT sold 10% will be donated to build an orphanage. There will be giveaways of physical pieces to a random collector of my abstract artworks, as I personally feel that the NFT community are more deserving of the artworks. I am hoping through this I can inform many others of how to independently exhibit without waiting for the acceptance of external social construct.

4 Kokubunji Way
Starts at
Friday the 17th of September @ 4:53 pm, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 18th of September @ 1:53 pm, 2021
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