Bitpixi presents PULYXX: RANCH-FLOPS drop!


Hosting Parcel Information

So you know where you're going!




Press space bar to jump when the beat drops! Past live performances by Proletariat, R3LL, Weinbagz, ChadXP, soon ITSOKTOCRY (Gwen Stacy) and more. Hosted official Deadheads reveal party, MetaMural Fest, Sewer Rats Social Club, Pulyxx Foundation drop, LemurLemur mint party, soon Just Bees. Pop-up async movie nights and free drinks! Bitpixi now works for Cryptovoxels, so this will be a historic place. Resell the free drinks for any price you'd like!

Event Description

Live-streaming with her unique avatar, we will be minting a hilarious animation on Foundation about flip-flops that squirt out ranch. Part of the sale goes to a charitable cause! Also free Bitpixi drinks as usual, and maybe some after mint jams. &

2 Premining Road
Starts at
Sunday the 22nd of August @ 9:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Sunday the 22nd of August @ 10:00 pm, 2021
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