Everything has an inner landscape
 (The ZeroDecaf Collection)


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Autonomy is a generative art gallery focused mainly on Art Blocks projects. Exhibitions are updated monthly.

Event Description

When you think of something or someone, you go through the sensory form that lives in your memory. You uncover the fragile zone of time and begin to remember. This exhibition proposes an approach to the internal journey of the landscape: the one that we inhabit and the one that we don’t know but have the suspicion that it inhabits us. Presenting 20 works by 14 artists included in ZeroDecaf´s collection. We are pleased to invite you to tour the gallery with no other commitment than to connect, through generative art, with the complex philosophy of life and the codes that compose it.

7 Meaningful Branch
Starts at
Saturday the 21st of August @ 1:00 am, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 21st of August @ 2:00 am, 2021
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