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The emotion monsters are fun creatures I made for different emotions with an aim at bringing awareness to the importance of communicating our mental state. Whether the emotions are positive or negative, we should feel comfortable to share them even when they are negative. This is part of a larger goal to normalize discussions around mental wellbeing and to show each other more compassion for mental health. These monsters also have an application in populations of individuals who struggle to communicate their emotions due to barriers in speech and language. Those populations include those with cognitive disorders, those bridging language barriers, children, and more. . Each monster will come with access to a private discord and will allow for derivative NFTs to be made with the original art. 10% will be donated to a non-profit mental health charity called the mind deconstructed and the remaining will be used to fund a kids book about mental health. @VjNeurite

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Tuesday the 17th of August @ 1:41 am, 2021
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Tuesday the 17th of August @ 1:41 pm, 2021
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