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#Decentricity Tower, by @decentricity ##I am a refugee from Second Life! I created the PicoVista Museum of Computing in 2013, and it's still standing -- go see it in the Metaverse listing [here]( I no longer have access to it so after years of making stuff there I thought I'd rather move to a platform where you actually own land instead of renting it from a large company.

Event Description

SHOW TIME In-metaverse stand-up comedy with your host comedian and podcaster Flobo Boyce​ ​ OCTOPUS NETWORK PRESENTATION and AMA A representative from the Octopus Network leadership team will present about the Octopus Network. An in-Metaverse AMA follows. ​ OCTOPUS APPCHAINS SHOW AND TELL Appchain people take 10 minutes each to tell them about their awesome projects ​ NEAR TIME NEAR speakers present and the audience ask NEAR anything with an in-metaverse AMA ​ CHILL TIME Network, hang out, chit-chat and metaverse shenanigans

2 Via Senato
Starts at
Tuesday the 17th of August @ 1:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Tuesday the 17th of August @ 4:00 pm, 2021
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