Swopes presents "Displaced: Giraffe in the City" Nifty Gateway Collection Celebration


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Live DJs - Photographer and graphic designer Elise Swopes is bringing her much-beloved #SwopesGiraffe to the world of Nifty Gateway with her first collection, Displaced: Giraffe in the City. Using New York, Portland, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver as backdrops, Swopes reimagines these cities, juxtaposing towering skyscrapers with giraffes and other elements from the jungle. Though a staple in her work, these two worlds are seldom seen side-by-side elsewhere, posing the question, “What would happen if nature fought back?” With giraffe populations plummeting, Displaced: Giraffe in the City also aims to support the Somali Giraffe Project, with a portion of the proceeds from the collection going to the conservatory. The Kenya-based sanctuary ensures a sustainable future for reticulated giraffes by monitoring the animals and working to prevent poaching, snaring, and human-giraffe conflict. Swopes visited each of the aforementioned cities to capture new photographs, transforming her unique vision into a one-of-a-kind Mobile Art collection. Each winner will also receive a few other bonuses with their 1/1 piece: a one-on-one conversation with Dr. Abdullah Ali, who works with giraffes on the ground; a 3-night stay at the city featured in the art piece and a Moment mobile photo kit; and lastly, a never-before-seen video of Swopes’ process behind the collection.

13 Massalia
Starts at
Sunday the 15th of August @ 4:52 pm, 2021
Ends at
Monday the 16th of August @ 1:52 am, 2021
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