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The .gems team has been actively building bridges to communities across all blockchains. For the Metaverse Music Fest we present a selection of artists and projects that publish their works on EOS, WAX and ETH. Throughout the whole event, there will also be a live VR Graffiti Session taking place presented and managed by the VRGB team and resulting in a special edition VRGB NFT sale on WAX. Happy MVMF! <3

Event Description

The VR Graffiti Battles Finals are going down tonight! After yesterday’s Playoff event we’ll today witness: A 1 on 1 live painting battle between: ZoOOoZ (Sweden) VS Desoler (Canada) Special Guest for musical entertainment and additional awesomeness tonight: !!!!!!!!!! Cipher.media Freestyle Rap battles !!!!!!!!!! And YES! VRGB is also having its first NFT Pack Drop. Starting tonight all artworks produced during the Season 0 event will be available in a pack sale on AtomicHub. For further info join the .gems Discord server! http://discord.gg/XhAKScPbZj

2 Jüterboger Straße
Starts at
Sunday the 1st of August @ 8:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Sunday the 1st of August @ 11:00 pm, 2021
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