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The .gems team has been actively building bridges to communities across all blockchains. For the Metaverse Music Fest we present a selection of artists and projects that publish their works on EOS, WAX and ETH. Throughout the whole event, there will also be a live VR Graffiti Session taking place presented and managed by the VRGB team and resulting in a special edition VRGB NFT sale on WAX. Happy MVMF! <3

Event Description

Join the VR Graffiti Battles Season 1 Playoffs on July 31st, get to meet other street culture related NFT projects and have a good time hanging out with us, listening to live DJs and watching artists showing their art. Vote for your favorite VR Graffiti Artist: https://forms.gle/ksENU3XpgFzF9B8E6 We highly recommend joining our discord server: http://discord.gg/XhAKScPbZj Upcoming Dates: VRGB Season 1 Playoffs: Saturday 31.7.2021 20 UTC VRGB Season 0 Pack Sale: Sunday 01.08.2021 18 UTC VRGB Season 1 Finals: Sunday 01.08.2021 20 UTC

2 Jüterboger Straße
Starts at
Sunday the 1st of August @ 12:04 am, 2021
Ends at
Sunday the 1st of August @ 2:04 am, 2021
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