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.gems is excited to introduce Street.gems, an umbrella organisation for street culture that operates in the digital realm. Street.gems main mission is to celebrate street culture across decentralized metaverses and to document, produce and exchange values via the medium of NFTs. The Virtual Reality Graffiti Battles (VRGBs) are going to be our first events and will highlight the evolution of the Graffiti subculture that is found within the broader street culture. VRGBs Season 0 Beta Test is launching on May 15th on a designated parcel in Cryptovoxels. We have 4 seasons of VRGBs lined up, each one of them starting with their Season Launch Event. These launch events invite participants (VR Graffiti Artists), spectators and collectors to join us in the metaverse for an event filled with great art and music. You’ll also find out about VRGB’ Season 0 concept as well as the related set of requirements you’ll need if you want to join the competition. Artists will have until a few days before the playoffs start to submit their works and potentially qualifty. VR Graffiti Artists from across the globe will compete in these tournament-like VRGBs and all artworks produced during the tournament will be documented and made available for purchase through NFT Collectible Pack at the end of a season. Join the Season 0 Launch party on May 15th, get to meet other street culture related NFT projects and have a good time hanging out with us, listening to live DJs and watching artists streaming their art and craftsmanship. To participate in the battles, submit your details via form and we highly recommend joining our discord server! As we are streaming the final event live, people can use our channel for communication, so we are connected while we are using different platforms. Upcoming Dates: Season Launch: 15.05.2021 17 UTC (6pm London) Saturday Playoffs: 29.05.2021 17 UTC Sunday Finals: 30.05.2021 17 UTC

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Ultra Launches Mainnet, The Origin of Pomelo, Eden, Flair Dapp and more!

2 Jüterboger Straße
Starts at
Saturday the 10th of July @ 4:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 10th of July @ 5:00 pm, 2021
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