"I Saw It in a Dream" Drop Party


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# I Saw It In A Dream ## Art Blocks ## 7/7 12pm EDT [https://artblocks.io/project/102](https://artblocks.io/project/102) What do you see when you close your eyes and your retinas still buzz from staring at computer screen light?

Event Description

What do you see when you close your eyes? Come view the "I Saw It in a Dream" test gallery in anticipation of the Art Blocks drop. Drop opens 12pm EDT 7/7 and closes 12pm EDT 7/8. There will be a mint ceiling of 1024 and a floor of 512. https://artblocks.io/project/102

23 Clarion Alley
Starts at
Wednesday the 7th of July @ 3:55 pm, 2021
Ends at
Thursday the 8th of July @ 3:54 pm, 2021
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