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Join #TSANFT Talk at 10AM PST on June 20th for Go-To-Market Journey (5) for “#DigitalAdoption Plan” Venue:,785N… YouTube Livestream: #Clubhouse at 10:00 Livestream on @cryptovoxels Architecture Island #DigitalOne & @ConnectClubHQ Register event: . Sign the guestbook & airdrop TSA SS2022 Wearables Dictionary on June 18 at 10:00 PST. Questions? Get Digital 20/20 Ticket POAPs by credit card, Matic or Eth to receive a featured music mystery box and token airdrops during event from June 3 to July 1: Airdrop on June 25 ! Qualified Users: 1) Sign the guestbook: From 10:00 AM PST to 11:00 AM PST 2) Distribution time: June 25, 2022 3) Join discord :

Apartment at 2 Avenwood Drive
Starts at
Saturday the 18th of June @ 6:09 pm, 2022
Ends at
Sunday the 19th of June @ 6:09 pm, 2022
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