(NFT NYC) Meta Underground with Voxels + RARA presented by Netheryonder


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Gallery for RARA, the social curation protocol for NFTs powered by reactions. Visit [RARA.social](https://rara.social/) to learn more.

Event Description

Watch the live stream of Meta Underground at NFT NYC in RARA's gallery. Listen in as Skybravo interviews Ben Nolan (founder of Voxels), Lawson "L" Baker (founder of RARA!), and others. doors 4pm pizza 4:30pm builder talks 5-8 music 8-11 pool tournament 4pm MUSIC from MaiWorld, David D'angelo, Sky Bravo & Schtompa (Jason from Cherub :) Additional event details at https://par.tf/7Jry

106 Block Fork
Starts at
Tuesday the 21st of June @ 8:00 pm, 2022
Ends at
Wednesday the 22nd of June @ 4:00 am, 2022
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