June 6 ! TSA Web3 Wearables Dictionary Fashion Show ! One -Of -A Kind


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TSA Community: https://discord.gg/49xUD5NCGD;Holding a TSA Magic Box gives holders access to our discord-based DAO, TSADAO, where we deliver interconnectivity via social programs and rewards to the community, have a say in the future of the TSA NFT Incubator & Marketplace. Join TSADAO: https://www.teaswap.live/tsa-magicbox ; Visit us with Wearables:https://www.cryptovoxels.com/collections/1093

Event Description

TSA Web3 Wearables Dictionary Fashion Show on June 6 ( 10:00 AM PST/ 5:00 PM UTC).Join TSA GiftShop Soft opening Until June 30 ! 1) Sign the guestbook for a free wearable & attend Digital 20/20 Month long Event located on Digital One HQ on Architect Island , Airdrop on June 6 ! Qualified Users: 1) Sign the guestbook: From 10:00 AM PST to 11:00 AM PST 2) Distribution time: 12:00 PM PST, June 6, 2022 3) Join discord : https://discord.com/invite/49xUD5NCGD

3 Caleuche Street
Starts at
Monday the 6th of June @ 7:03 am, 2022
Ends at
Tuesday the 7th of June @ 7:03 am, 2022
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