.koa84 exhibition by Peter Kogler @DFC


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Metaverse location of the Oberösterreichische Landes Kultur GmbH, Austria, Museum Francisco Carolinum, OÖ

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Artist Peter Kogler .koa84 @DFC Digital Francisco Carolinum As early as 1984, the Austrian media artist Peter Kogler began to explore the possibilities of digital design on a Commodore 64 computer using the KoalaPainter drawing software and to develop and help shape this new discipline, which initially attracted little attention from the art world. Considering current pixel aesthetics in the NFT universe, these early works currently seem extremely current again and exude a certain timelessness. To mark the occasion, Peter Kogler published a selection of these early works for the first time last year as an NFT series, thus bringing together two epochs of media art. The DFC Digital Francisco Carolinum shows this series as a virtual building developed by Peter Kogler especially for this exhibition, whose architecture consists entirely of the images themselves. https://www.ooekultur.at/exhibition-detail/koa84

17 Clarion Alley
Starts at
Monday the 6th of June @ 8:00 am, 2022
Ends at
Tuesday the 7th of June @ 7:59 am, 2022
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