Kenyan NFT Summit


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African Museum of the Metaverse, Cryptovoxels Location. Decentraland Location - Sandbox Location: (-130,95) The First African NFT Museum in the decentralized Metaverse Website: Twitter:

Event Description

The first in-person summit of the Kenyan NFT Club in Nairobi Kenya will include an all-day Metaverse celebration at the AMM all day! The event will open with live music from various Music NFT artists. Will be hosted on the rooftop of our Cryptovoxels Museum at 10am East African Time NFT Giveaways by DashikiNFT

17 외대역동로
Starts at
Sunday the 5th of June @ 7:21 am, 2022
Ends at
Sunday the 5th of June @ 2:21 pm, 2022
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