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King Solomon, was famous not only for his wisdom, but also a glorious Flying Carpet. Made of green silk with golden weft, the carpet was sixty miles long and just as wide. The Jewish sage, Ben Sherira, gave two different versions on how the king got his hands on such a magnificent treasure. The first account claims that the Queen of Sheba, who also appears in the Bible, gave Solomon his flying carpet as a proof of her undying love. However, the King was more interested in the => construction of the Temple <= of Jerusalem, & Queen’s gift went to one of his many courtiers. When the news about it reached the Queen, angered she refused to have anything more to do with flying carpets, thus the knowledge on how to make them was lost. The other version says that the carpet was a gift from the God. With such splendid gift, Solomon’s pride grew & God decided to punish the King. When the carpet was mid-air, it shook, & as a result, the 40000 men sited on it fell to their deaths."<br> <br> Fly on a Magic Carpet at this Interactive Voxel Wearables Art Show! Interwoven - (in·ter-wō′vən) to weave or become woven together 90 Generative VHS Rug Voxel Wearables.

101 Onasilos Ave
Starts at
Friday the 27th of May @ 6:00 pm, 2022
Ends at
Saturday the 28th of May @ 6:00 pm, 2022
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