Bitcoin Pizza Day Wearables Treasure-Hunt


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So you know where you're going!




The first mineable Proof Of Work NFT. Deep in the volcano you can find all the known elements of the universe, from the common Hydrogen Atom to the Rare Radon Atom each one has a unique generative audio track, which you get the full rights to. If you are inspired - mine your own eth-earning NFT

Event Description

#DoomsdayNFT Bunker Prizes x2 only for Survivor holder wallets Womp discovery to claim Survivor bunker prize Doomsday Voxel wearables for all participants Find and sign the hidden guestbook for the wearable prize

3 Metalski Passage
Starts at
Monday the 23rd of May @ 2:01 am, 2022
Ends at
Monday the 23rd of May @ 10:01 am, 2022
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