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# Knights of the Apocalypse An exhibition of a few of the [Knights of the Apocalypse]( now at MoCA Paris. Learn more on the [website]( on how to see in person. Launching on Dec 14 2021 Expecting the Apocalypse; hoping for Utopia Revealing the faces of five knights, representing Conquest, War, Apollyon, Famine, and Plague. The artist expressed the image of us during 2015 - 2021, living as witness of a dark period of history full of signs of an apocalypse, by combining human faces and the faces of clocks. Five Knights Of The Apocalypse reminds the human race that time is short.

Event Description

Big big colorful art and a UFO zooms by. Bård Ionson has created generative art now on display. Art Blocks generates and mints it.

14 Loadbolt Fort
Starts at
Monday the 31st of May @ 12:09 pm, 2021
Ends at
Tuesday the 1st of June @ 11:09 am, 2021
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