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# 8 An exhibition of a few of the [8]( a generative art piece at Art Blocks. Inspired by his daughter Bård coded this 898 piece run of a study of symbols and gender. [Deeper explanation]( Launching on Oct 22 2021 Warning gender & sexuality Symbols of luck, fate & gender, a cosmic slot machine. Luck of the mint, art of the flip. Symbols meanings to explain the randomness of birth traits & traits we seek. The fruit of the slots to the binary I Ching of 8 sides. The Eye blinks at imperfection. Ezekiel’s UFO vision, to planet symbols have a gender meaning. These traits are in the art & in us. They might seem imperfect but their unique lucky combination give each a power no one else has. 25% will be given to LGBTQ+ charities via Bard Ionson explores the small space between the physical and the digital, between the real and the fake. See displays of AI Art, Oscilloscope Art and Glitch Scan Art. If you leap into his images they will take you on a journey into a strange tale of aliens and sentient computers.

Event Description

Big big colorful art and a UFO zooms by. Bård Ionson has created generative art now on display. Art Blocks generates and mints it.

14 Loadbolt Fort
Starts at
Monday the 31st of May @ 12:09 pm, 2021
Ends at
Tuesday the 1st of June @ 11:09 am, 2021
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