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The Blockchain Boutique. Free to mint until 99 matic is donated to the community. then a 1 percent royalty. To be a contributor and learn to build or display items, HMU. No cost. Pay it forward by gifting to your friends? I have chains and pendants to give away pop me a message with subject "BB DRIP" and then check your hidden. The block don't change over time. But Blockchain's changing my mind.

Event Description

We got 🔥 clobber and audio equipment for you ! Sign the guestbook for a free sticker and Pizza, Giving away 10 Mattie Snapback caps🧢 and 10 Mattie Black Gameboy today 👀 Streets are busy around the building ! Dog on the rooftop barks but don't bite. If you would like to perform in the rooftop club, hit me up !

2 Rice St
Starts at
Saturday the 14th of May @ 8:13 am, 2022
Ends at
Sunday the 15th of May @ 8:13 am, 2022
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