Mango Art Festival 2022


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White Canvas started as a new kind of painting competition for young artists in Thailand in 2020.Our aim for the next 10 years is to become a platform for talented yet undiscovered artists from the region’s developing countries to shine and be launched into the world. To make this possible, we use two technologies—Blockchain and VR space. WEBSITE FACEBOOK Office: Palette Artspace, Bangkok, Thailand

Event Description

NFT Exhibition jointly organized between Mango Art Festival x Palette Art Space, curating artists of various styles to be seen together with VR activities for viewers to explore the Metaverse world with 13 artists. Virtual exhibition New Visions for a Better Tomorrow : the World Beyond Boundaries During the last couple of years of the coronavirus epidemic Virtual reality technology has grown in popularity and leaps forward. The original dividing line was broken. More and more technologies are being used in our lives that connect the real world and the virtual world now more harmoniously. Even the way to enjoy an aesthetics has also change Including the ecosystem of the art circle, there are more formats and channels that are more adapted to the two worlds of art. We are in the early genesis of the Metaverse, where artists and works express a very distinctive look at this Genesis era. An eye that appreciates the work (physical) in the material world and an eye that enjoys digital aesthetics in the virtual world (Metaverse) from the original rejection of unfamiliarity, gradually began to adjust to harmonize and accept each other. It reflects the movement of creators and art lovers to a truly boundless new era. virtual exhibition Showcasing the works of artists UTTAPORN NIMMALAIKEAW WERAPONG SEANSOMPORN CRYPTO BANGKOK BIGEGG THE EXPLORER LINE CENSOR TAN-STAR GOH-M VASAN SITTHIKET KYOKO ABE MUTELU JIGGY BUG SERMKHUN KUNAWONG Thank you Canon Thailand for support in this Exhibition _________ For more information, please visit Website :

3 Sancho Road
Starts at
Tuesday the 3rd of May @ 6:08 pm, 2022
Ends at
Wednesday the 4th of May @ 6:07 pm, 2022
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