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Metaverse location of the Oberösterreichische Landes Kultur GmbH, Austria, Museum Francisco Carolinum, OÖ

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NFTs meet Poems for new ways of creative expression: As the concept of conceptualism is shattering prejudices about creativity, so does Crypto Art to traditional artforms. Writers as well have begun to question the mandates of their form of Art. In section 2, “Crypto Conceptualism”, such Poets have begun to use stolen words, forced rules, asemic forms and cyborg tools. All artists in the exhibition take part in these attitudes of anti-expressive, anti-discursive strategies - to creatively trouble the poetic values of lyric style. ✍🏼👩‍💻 The online environment of the blockchain offers such ideas a new more democratic space for innovation, by actively influencing the traditional art world & making political criticism in the marketplace. Presented in cooperation with @theverseverse.

17 Clarion Alley
Starts at
Tuesday the 26th of April @ 7:51 am, 2022
Ends at
Wednesday the 27th of April @ 7:50 am, 2022
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