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Metaverse location of the Oberösterreichische Landes Kultur GmbH, Austria, Museum Francisco Carolinum, OÖ

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POEM = WORK OF ART documents the early days of poetry on the blockchain and explores how new technologies are empowering language artists across many mediums, enabling collaborations, and unlocking exciting realms of writerly creativity. In three parts, the exhibition is dedicated to poetry as art, crypto-conceptual poetry and generative texts and presents, among other things, collaborations by renowned writers and a global selection of visual artists. Presented in cooperation with TheVerseVerse. https://theverseverse.com/

17 Clarion Alley
Starts at
Saturday the 9th of April @ 9:12 am, 2022
Ends at
Sunday the 10th of April @ 9:11 am, 2022
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