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Metaverse location of the Oberösterreichische Landes Kultur GmbH, Austria, Museum Francisco Carolinum, OÖ

Event Description

"TeleNFT" was the first exhibition of NFT artworks on Sat 1 Teletext. Internationally renowned artists were offered a platform to deal with technological change. The 15 works created are immortalised in their entirety on the blockchain and were transferred to the collection of the OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH as a donation by the initiators after the exhibition. As a highlight of the event, a very special unique piece signed by all participating artists was auctioned off for the benefit of the organisation Plant-For-The-Planet. "TeleNFT" art exhibition questions technological progress in the context of economic and environmental crises. How much time is left? Is technology the salvation? Is art the threat? Our 15 internationally renowned digital artists address these questions with innovative teletext artworks. On only 78x69 pixels, they present motifs ranging from hand-drawn animals to computer-generated patterns. These works immortalised on the blockchain document our zeitgeist, sometimes ironically resigned, sometimes uninhibitedly euphoric, but agree on one thing - now it's up to us." Max Haarich & Gleb Divov, curators of "TeleNFT - Art between Teletext and Blockchain".

17 Clarion Alley
Starts at
Tuesday the 29th of March @ 3:00 pm, 2022
Ends at
Wednesday the 30th of March @ 2:59 pm, 2022
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