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SYART (Songyang Art), founded for 15 years, is one of China's leading cultural and artistic creators and IP brand managers, integrating art originality, chain art museums and copyright agents. SYART landed in New York Times Square in 2018 to release its exclusive agent famous IP: "bad girl." SYART exclusively signed with Andy Warhol, the American pop master. Also, SYART has carried out cross-border cooperations with the Imperial Palace, Sponge-Bob, Paul Frank, Winter Palace, Pablo Picasso and other international front-line IP. 798 Songyang Art Museum has signed contracts with more than 400 artists, and has hosted more than 2000 international exhibitions. Meanwhile it has curated the "YAA : Young Asian Artists Nomination Exhibition" sponsored by Mo Wenwei which integrates academia, popular culture and NFT, that more than 10000 artists participate annually in this Asian-trend youth exhibition.   SYART "Songyang Art · future aesthetic”

5 Arkas Terrace
Starts at
Saturday the 26th of March @ 11:24 pm, 2022
Ends at
Sunday the 27th of March @ 11:24 pm, 2022
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