VoxelKitties launch party 😻


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MOIDS SF is currently [as of 2/10/22] being revamped to be used as a free space for artists to host events. 😻 Museum of Interesting Digital Stuffs S̶̨̘͚͙͖͈̘̬̃̂̅͂̋̉̂͋͠͝F̶̛̩̳͉̞̗̯͕̲̥̐̔̍̈́̔̇̅̄̈̾̆̑͘ Designed by sorryaboutyourcats & Lychi. Follow us for updates: https://twitter.com/LychiJelly https://twitter.com/SryAbtYourCats

Event Description

VoxelKitties launch, giveaways & cat inspired art? Yup. 🙀 IT'S HAPPENING! The release of VoxelKitties is finally set, like, fur real! There will be rare kitties.. EPIC kitties.. and L E G E N D A R Y kitties, available to purchase! [Did the emphasis on legendary make it more legendary? We say maybe.] Not only that, there will be AMAZING CAT INSPIRED ART, FROM CAT LOVING ARTISTS! 😻 Seriously, an entire huge floor dedicated to cat art! We're not kitten. There will also be giveaways! If you get one, we bet you'll be feline good. Hope to see you there! 😸

59 Lombard Street
Starts at
Saturday the 22nd of May @ 9:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 22nd of May @ 11:00 pm, 2021
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