Street.gems: VRGB Season 0 Opening


Hosting Parcel Information

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The .gems team has been actively building bridges to communities across all blockchains. For the Metaverse Music Fest we present a selection of artists and projects that publish their works on EOS, WAX and ETH. Throughout the whole event, there will also be a live VR Graffiti Session taking place presented and managed by the VRGB team and resulting in a special edition VRGB NFT sale on WAX. Happy MVMF! <3

Event Description

Street.gems main mission is to celebrate street culture across decentralized metaverses and to document, produce and exchange values via the medium of NFTs. The Virtual Reality Graffiti Battles (VRGBs) are going to be our first events and will highlight the evolution of the Graffiti subculture that is found within the broader street culture. VRGBs Season 0 Beta Test is launching on May 15th on a designated parcel in Cryptovoxels.

2 Jüterboger Straße
Starts at
Saturday the 15th of May @ 3:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 15th of May @ 4:00 pm, 2021
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