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The Collectors Show Coming on May 14!

Event Description

You’re invited to the RAW Show on May 16 at 6 pm EST. There is a murder to be solved! It looks like Christie’s Auction House has been killed! The murder took place in the back alley behind Stellabelle’s Museum. The first person to both correctly name the killer and one correct clue will win the Who Killed Christie’s NFT by Stellabelle. There are two clues in the scene in the alley. The RAW Show features artworks by Cechk, Cryptopom, Squirterer, T3D, Toppy Eton and Stellabelle. Themes of this show include: agony, rage, childhood trauma, triumph, anorexia and other sordid human experiences.

2 Dieffenbachstraße
Starts at
Sunday the 16th of May @ 11:00 pm, 2021
Ends at
Monday the 17th of May @ 12:00 am, 2021
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