Cheap drinks! New band "Infrequent Seams"!


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So you know where you're going!




Press space bar to jump when the beat drops! Past music performances by TipYourDJDotETH, R3LL, Weinbagz, ChadXP, ITSOKTOCRY (Gwen Stacy), and Dyl (Crypto Rich). Hosted official Deadheads reveal party, MetaMural Fest, Sewer Rats Social Club, Pulyxx Foundation drop, LemurLemur mint party, Just Bees, and a DRKNSS collab. Bitpixi works for Cryptovoxels, so this will be a historic place. Resell the free drinks for any price you'd like!

Event Description

Come lounge here if you need a break from Bitlectro Labs and KBOT. We've got BigRMax streaming for Infrequent Seams.

2 ATH Gardens
Starts at
Saturday the 18th of December @ 12:50 am, 2021
Ends at
Saturday the 18th of December @ 3:20 am, 2021
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