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A metaverse gallery and cafe celebrating Toy Faces and Toy Rooms NFTs by Amrit Pal Singh. Celebrating the history of portraiture, Toy Face NFTs are all about exploring nostalgia and a childlike sense of wonder. #Ground Floor: Permanent Toy Face Exhibition #First Floor: Featuring Toy Rooms #Rooftop Cafe: Chill Zone Know More:

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Come Check out the Reveal of the acquired SatoshiFaces. Was fortunate to participate in the pre-launch and will be exhibiting four of them. After purchasing, you'll receive your NFT immediately. If you purchase in the first stages of the sale , you'll have to wait until the 7 day distribution period ends before you can see your artwork. This is because we use a random on-chain mechanism to assign artworks fairly and transparently without bias. Your artwork will begin accumulating SFT immediately after purchase. Each SatoshiFaces NFT is an artwork made up of 9 segments. The first segment is revealed immediately after purchase. The remaining segments are unlocked at a rate of 1 segment every 2 days from your purchase time. After 8 days, the 5th segment of your artwork will be unlocked, revealing over 50% of the piece. At this point you will be given the option to assign a unique name to your NFT. After 16 days, the 9th and final segment of your artwork will be unlocked, revealing the piece in its entirety. Rarity statistics for your artwork will also become available at this time. Please come check out my four SatoshiFaces and simply have an opportunity to check out all the amazing art from esteemed SuperRare creators.

5 Alkmene
Starts at
Thursday the 29th of April @ 12:18 am, 2021
Ends at
Thursday the 29th of April @ 1:18 am, 2021
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