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MOIDS SF is currently [as of 2/10/22] being revamped to be used as a free space for artists to host events. 😻 Museum of Interesting Digital Stuffs S̶̨̘͚͙͖͈̘̬̃̂̅͂̋̉̂͋͠͝F̶̛̩̳͉̞̗̯͕̲̥̐̔̍̈́̔̇̅̄̈̾̆̑͘ Designed by sorryaboutyourcats & Lychi. Follow us for updates: https://twitter.com/LychiJelly https://twitter.com/SryAbtYourCats

Event Description

Electrica Selvatica is an event hosted by NEAR Protocol and Creative Directed by Aerostat & Co. We will be putting on an NFT art exhibit and cocktail party that will feature NFT Genesis drops from some of the top artists and influencers in the world. We will be setting up screens around the venue so that people can walk around, browse the art at the event, and bid on pieces. The screens will be placed underneath covered areas all around the venue. We have two parts to this event that will take place in both the physical and virtual worlds. There will be a virtual gallery in Crypto Voxels that will display the NFTs in the MetaVerse and the cocktail party with the art gallery is where the NFTs will be displayed physically and can be bid on in the physical gallery and via the Crypto Voxels gallery. Along with our sponsors, Near Protocol, we will be hosting a cocktail party and art exhibit at Plant the Future in Miami. We’ll provide attendees with an NFT drop invite that will let them into physical and virtual events in Crypto Voxels. This will be a private event with an AMA with artists at the beginning of the event and then we’ll lead into a cocktail party. We will be both indoor and outdoor at Plant the Future in Wynwood Gardens. The Venue will have a DJ and Security. For artists with collectors that can’t be at the physical event, they may do some sort of drop for their collectors to get into the MetaVerse galleries. Crypto Voxels will be helping us to create wearables for artists to drop or sell to collectors so they can access the Metaverse event. The online event will be open to everyone, but the event space will only be there for the following day and then the space will be torn down.

59 Lombard Street
Starts at
Thursday the 2nd of December @ 5:00 am, 2021
Ends at
Friday the 3rd of December @ 5:00 am, 2021
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