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21/100 | Gen 1 | Legendary Snowball, leader of the PPPP [Purrty Purrple Purrsuasive Pack] was traveling to CatNippers, a planet a few light-minutes away. There was a small problem though - the spaceship was flying erratically, something was wrong! “Kibble here, we’ve got a problem.” blasted through the intercom. “I’m listening Kibble. What’s up?” replied Snowball. “We’re in purrty deep trouble.” Kibble shouted, with the sounds of beeps and meows blaring in the background. Snowball calmly replied “Really? What kind of trouble?”. “Just come and see!” yelled Kibble. Snowball's patience began to run thin, making him shout out “Hold it Kibble! What the hell is going on?”. Snowball rushed to the main deck and gave a lot of instructions to the rest of the PPPP about how to save the ship when it happened - they were attacked by some space pirates. The pirates were all engaged in a ritual known as Infurior Meowntain. Unfortunately for the space pirates, they weren't able to penetrate through the Flying Furrari, as the entire ship was protected by one of the seven Bittrees in the world; they eventually backed down, and Snowball, Kibble and the rest of the crew made it safely to CatNippers moments later. This was the usual day of a space kitty.
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