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81 / 100 | Gen 1 | Legendary Roygbiv believes there's a lot of alienation that happens, while closeted, while figuring yourself out. If you're effeminate, people target you before you're even at that understanding of yourself. And there's such limited mainstream representation that you feel just kind of wrong for existing. Not only trying to hide your sexuality for the sake of judgment, but a genuine fear of physical harm of being kicked out or abandoned. People talk about the liberation of living out and proud, but it's a much more substantial empowerment. When you're finally able to come out, it's like this burden you abandon, like being closeted feels almost like running with weights on, and when you can finally let them go, the genuine self is so much more than what you could have ever been before. It's like a super power. Roygbiv knows that they'd never be able to please society as a whole, and thinks to rebel against those heteronormative traditions, as it just feels so very punk rock and very gratifying. Roygbiv wears what Roygbiv wants to wear... throw on some leggings, and booty shorts. It's like... once you know you can't play by their rules, you say f**k it and break all of them. Oh, and they love Badgers.
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