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91/100 | Gen 1 | Legendary #4942 said: "I was dancing on a platform at a packed club, imbibing, minding my damn business and having a wonderful time. Out of nowhere this kitty climbs up beside me and, apparently, decided it was his time to shine, violently and with prejudice shoves me off the platform, presumably to fall kitty face first onto the floor. However, it was not this cat's night, as luck would have it, because the club was so packed that I fell sideways on top of the kitties below who caught me midair and set me back on the platform seconds later [getting caught with a paw to the eye wasn't fun though]! That nasty cat was now turned away from me, so I karate kicked him in the center of his backside and the crowd was not so kind as to bother catching him, as he plummeted from the platform... he didn't land on all fours, probably due to the amount of catnip he had consumed. He slunk away in defeat as he most likely realized who the baddest kitty in that conflict was."
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