Common Onigiri Stone - Glitched

By bitpixi.eth

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Scarcity Discoveries
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# Wearing
On Scarcity island, you found a grey stone that was carved into an onigiri rice ball shape by gnomes! Usually it's glinting in the sun, but somehow the sun is reflecting only darkness, like a glitch. Welcome to the Cyberpunk faction, but they've been pressured by the Dark faction, perhaps to do with their teleport tech. Onigiri stones were found at former restaurant sites and some homes by the fireplace, researchers believe this stone to be either a good luck charm for food and drink preparers... or more practically, some kind of paperweight for leafy napkins, or... a flat place to help start a fire. No matter what, something to do with food. What other wearable derivatives or stories could be sourced from such a stone? After copies are distributed to an active 1st and/or 2nd owner, the remaining quantity of this NFT *might* be burned.
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