Legendary Aotea Stone Gold-wrapped Pendant

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BottomlessBox, Scarcity Island's legendary whale brought with him some shards of a legendary Aotea stone. Aotea stone is only found in one area of South Westland - the Makaawhio (Jacobs) River, where local iwi Ngati Mahaki ki Makaawhio have cared for, gathered and traded it for generations. As with pounamu, it is regarded as the manifestation of the goddess Waitaiki who was chased into the sea and cast into stone. Unlike pounamu, which is found in various locations, Aotea has only ever been found from this one river. BottomlessBox lives by this river and has a lot to share about his family's art and traditions. Please give him a follow! Please note all pendants are part of Scarcity's Water faction, but this one is decorated with a gnomish Gold wrap to affix a necklace cord to! What else can you learn about its history?
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