Rizzle Block Totem (1 of 1 Limited edition)

By Brookhawk

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In the before time, the Metaverse consisted of swirls of energy which yearned to become substantial. A portion of that energy, consisting mainly of positive vibes, took to physical form, in what we call, “the Rizzle Block”. The Rizzle Block has been a beacon of hope, spreading positivity throughout the Metaverse ever since. The Rizzle Block Totem was built to be a conduit, connecting the Rizzle Block energy directly to individuals’ souls. The elders would say the Totem would, from time to time, rise to life and live among them, bringing comfort and tranquility to all. Those touched by the Totem’s energy are said to have experience undefinable bliss and balance in their lives. May we all be fortunate enough to be present for the Totem’s next rising and bask in the flow of positive vibes. [This Legendary (1 of 1) collectible was spawned on 12/13/2021 by Brookhawk during the annual pilgrimage to the Rizzle Block.]
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