The Book of COLR

By Rye

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Bitpixi + Rye's Relics here. I'm airdropping this Collectible not for work, but as a fan of Cryptovoxels, mainly to the holders of $COLR. I was not there from the beginning, but here is a review from an OG: "COLR started with a lot of promise it was actually an amazing utility coin. It was a black and white world and only those with some flexing cash had color. If you had a full color build you stood out. Problem was, people valued full color and full utility coming with their parcel more than they did the COLR token's utility. Now, if you want to stand out you just blow up some object super big and launch it in the sky. I'd personally value trollish behavior a lot more if the troll actually paid for the right to do it. But when you look at old pictures of CV, colored parcels were few and far between and when you were in world, they drew you to them. The Pepe museum, the Nyan cat building, the Super Mario building, all first buildings in Origin to be built in full color and for a long time they were the only colored buildings and they really stood out and everyone loved visiting them for that reason. A district with color was a neighborhood you wanted to own in because it was a sign that your neighbors were really invested and showed pride of ownership. Anyways, that was my 2 cents on COLR. I actually was in favor of discontinuing it because I wanted to build what i could imagine on all my parcels without having to budget COLR. But I think that it definitely helped create a vibe that was special and definitely worked for what I think it's original vision was." - Devil @EvilVoxels
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