Phoenix Flower #46: Chiz Tulip

By Rye

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Rye's Relics
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# Wearing
Phoenix Flowers are only available by sacrificing a Blue Tulip Vox token (200 working ones are in existence) to firecult.eth (which currently points to the burn wallet)! Each Blue Tulip Vox burned will burst into flames on Ethereum and then regenerate into a unique 1/1 color on Polygon Matic, formatted ready to hold or to plant in Cryptovoxels. It is also prescribed 3 random boosts for Rye's Relics game or any use case you desire. Baby Rye loves cheese and Sewer Rats love $CHIZ! A complimentary Chiz Snack by Bitpixi will be send to the holder if they also hold a Sewer Rat, Cheddaz, or other SRSC derivative in their wallet. The other magic power this item holds is that you can make a cheesy joke to distract an opponent. This provokes an opportunity move or attack from another player of your choice within 5 feet of the opponent! The opponent has disadvantage.
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