Phoenix Flower #35: Wine-stained Tulip

By Rye

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Rye's Relics
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# Wearing
Phoenix Flowers are only available by sacrificing a Blue Tulip Vox token (200 working ones are in existence) to firecult.eth (which currently points to the burn wallet)! Each Blue Tulip Vox burned will burst into flames on Ethereum and then regenerate into a unique 1/1 color on Polygon Matic, formatted ready to hold or to plant in Cryptovoxels. It is also prescribed 3 random boosts for Rye's Relics game or any use case you desire. Wine-stained Tulip. Upon closer examination, you realize this red flower is of the Feywild. By brewing 1 petal of this tulip, it makes a fine red feywine. While intoxicated by this alcohol, halve all incoming magical damage and gain advantage on death saving throws should one fall unconscious, as well as gaining 5 extra temporary hit points. You also gain the ability to cast Blink and Conjure Fey, as per the inherited magic of the Feywild and Ethereal Plane. All effects wear off after a long rest or exiting out of initiative. There are about 6 petals per tulip (petals and sepals are counted together) and can be shared across party members or saved for yourself across time as this tulip does not wither.
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