Phoenix Flower #33: Lucki Charms Cereal Tulip

By Rye

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Rye's Relics
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Phoenix Flowers are only available by sacrificing a Blue Tulip Vox token (200 working ones are in existence) to firecult.eth (which currently points to the burn wallet)! Each Blue Tulip Vox burned will burst into flames on Ethereum and then regenerate into a unique 1/1 color on Polygon Matic, formatted ready to hold or to plant in Cryptovoxels. It is also prescribed 3 random boosts for Rye's Relics game or any use case you desire. Mmm Lucki Charms Cereal Tulip. They're magic levelsy delicious. Why does this have the highest magic level? Well you can call upon the powers of these shapes and meanings as Cantrips (a pure coincidence that they are the same as a popular cereal's brand): Heart Charm – Gives life to objects Star Charm – Power of flight Horseshoe Charm – Power of speed Clover Charm – Power of luck Blue Moon Charm – Power of invisibility Rainbow Charm – Power to teleport Red Balloon Charm – Power to float Unicorn Charm – Brings color to the world
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