Phoenix Flower #21: Fatales Tulip

By Rye

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Rye's Relics
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# Wearing
Phoenix Flowers are only available by sacrificing a Blue Tulip Vox token (200 working ones are in existence) to firecult.eth (which currently points to the burn wallet)! Each Blue Tulip Vox burned will burst into flames on Ethereum and then regenerate into a unique 1/1 color on Polygon Matic, formatted ready to hold or to plant in Cryptovoxels. It is also prescribed 3 random boosts for Rye's Relics game or any use case you desire. Scientists were in the lab with a new experiment of fusing NFTs together by directly importing JPEGS into the color palette module of VOX files. This tulip is dipped in the essence of Fatales #3048, a golden AI with a sensorless virtual reality helmet, standing strong as petals fall behind her on a bone background. The scientist fell asleep as they were fusing and dreamed that women were cheering for this flower and the future of blockchain. More of it's mystery is yet to be revealed.
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