3 Knight Lane

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Owner: fontsandres.eth

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Why purchase a 3KnightLane watch? To tell the time? Probably not. It’s a fashion statement. But you can’t wear a watch with any outfit. The outfit should be sharp and match the watch. Our mission is to empower young men to enjoy those special occasions that require a watch, and put effort into your style. We sell affordable, quality, and fashionable watches. Whatever the occasion, we strive to make pieces that tie your fit together. 3knightlane was founded in 2021 by Andres and Jonathan. 2 friends from high school who went their separate ways during college, Andres to Florida Atlantic, and Jonathan to Johns Hopkins, they reconvened at the start of the pandemic over their love of pop culture, fashion culture, and long conversation. Andres and Jonathan are pursuing careers in film production and marketing respectively. They wanted to use these passions to start a business together. What began as benjaminwatches.com ended as 3knightlane.com, and here we are. Collection 1 is our first ever collection inspired by Andres’ family trip to Europe. Our aesthetic was inspired by Ethereum purple. Tweet us with your watches styled! @3KnightLane Where is 3KnightLane? 3KnightLane is a piece of real estate in Cryptovoxels, an Ethereum Virtual World.

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