Air Beezy 1 Prototypes

By bitpixi.eth

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# Wearing
There once was a pair of sneakers that sold at Sotheby's auction for a record-breaking $1.8M. These aren't that pair, however, they are a similar pair that you can wear in Cryptovoxels, made by the beezy they call Bitpixi. This limited wearable will be auctioned to the highest bidder by the help of PurpLeTariat, who originally commissioned them and is the only other person with a different color-way. 80% will go towards the artist and 20% will go towards Purp and his work on a place for DJs/Producers in the metaverse. How to wear? In the costumer, you can add this shoe twice to each foot OR you could erase your body and *become* the shoe. DM @bitpixi on Twitter for a personal tutorial to tailor the shoe to fit your avatar. So step into the future.. and step into metaverse history with these 1/1 ultra-rare sneaks! Cheers.
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