PIXLwear P1 Sneaker (White/Ivory)

By Pixls

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Author: Pixls
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Description: The PIXLwear P1 sneaker is a Cryptovoxels shoe for every situation. Comfortable, yet stylish. High-quality, yet affordable. The P1 model rocks the iconic PIXLwear colours for the tie-free laces and on the sides, and of course the PIXL P1 stamp on the sole. The insoles feature a clever P1 design wrapping onto the back of the shoe. With a symmetric design, you can wear the shoe on either foot, or mix it with other colours or shoes if you are feeling adventurous. This is the White/Ivory edition, the very first edition of the PIXLwear P1 sneaker. Designer: Pixls/0x303052. Manufactured with MagicaVoxel. PIXLwear (a PIXL brand) - ethical blockchain fashion from Austria.

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